The idea of building a boat came about when Richie Ley and his family, together with some friends vacationed in the Maldives. Fresh from the trip and brimming with excitement, he shared his Maldives experience with this group of friends, the highlight of which was his voyage on a party boat. On one of those nights at friend Nats Imson’s local pub, they started asking around if someone knew a marine architect. Fortunately, the pub’s resident DJ knew just the guy, Kit Laureta.

Soon after, boat designs were drafted. After several modifications, it was approved. Next step was to look for funding. Among the friends Richie approached for funding, Nats was the most enthusiastic and the two presented the vision to Richie’s uncles, came up with the figures, and the rest is history.

“We started building the boat on November 21, 2014 in a shipyard in Navotas City. By March 2015, although the Boracay SunCruiser was ready for its voyage to Boracay Island for the summer season, its arrival was postponed due to unforeseen delays.

The Boracay Suncruiser finally made it’s maiden voyage to Boracay on May 20, 2015, just in time for my uncles to relish a weekend family vacation, and to celebrate their birthdays aboard the spanking new boat.

I personally chose Boracay to be the home of the first-ever Boracay SunCruiser since Boracay is known worldwide for its amazing beaches and sunsets. If I may say so myself, the Boracay Suncruiser is indeed the perfect ride, to see the island and to witness its world-renowned sunsets.” ~ Richie Ley (Founder, Boracay SunCruiser)