“The design of this boat is very unique. If you look at it from afar the impression is that it is just a simple ‘bangka’ (native outrigger boat). The boat has three (3) main areas: the Indoor Saloon gives you the feeling of being in a private bar; the Outdoor Decks where you can relax and enjoy the scenic views; and the Upper Deck where you get the feel of being on a cruise liner, especially when you sit and relax on the many sun deck lounge beds. We designed it I such as way that there is no room for boredom, and each one enjoys the luxury of space aboard the Boracay Suncruiser.” ~ Richie Ley (Founder, Boracay SunCruiser)

“The Boracay SunCruiser is a locally-built 65-footer fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) or fiberglass boat with a breadth of ten (10) feet and depth of six (6) feet. It has an outrigger on both sides which is designed like a canoe and also made of FRP.

There were three original design collaborations to choose from, all of which were conceptualized by Richie Ley. We chose the design that was most unique and could be used exclusively for leisure and relaxation.

It was built without the traditional mold; instead we did the unconventional way of Plug sheet, Lofting and Framing. The interior was designed to make it look like a yacht, perfect for parties, Scuba diving, snorkeling, sport fishing, and other water activities.

The Boracay SunCruiser was built with an indoor capacity of at least 20 persons, an outdoor capacity of at least 20 persons on each of the lower decks, and a capacity of at least 20 persons on the upper deck, for a total capacity of 80 persons, comfortably.” ~ Kit Laureta (Naval Architect and Marine Engineer, Boracay SunCruiser)