The Team was founded based on strengths and fields of expertise: Richie Ley as the Marketing mind and visionary, Kit Laureta as the Naval Architect & Marine Engineer, Nats Imson as the restaurateur, Food & Beverage consultant and, Mark Santiago as the Operations & Quality Control / Entertainment & Events expert, and his wife Freida Dario-Santiago as the Brand Marketing & PR consultant.

Backed-up by the financial support of Richie Ley’s uncles, the Boracay SunCruiser was born – proudly Philippine-made, and custom-built for cruising Boracay Island’s shores! Since its voyage to Boracay Island in May 2015, the Boracay SunCruiser has become a landmark on the crystalline shores of the country’s Crown Jewel of tourism and Beach Capital, hailed as the “Best Island in the World” (Travel + Leisure’s World’s Best Awards’ Top 10 Islands in the World) and the “Number One Top 25 Beaches in Asia” (TripAdvisor’s ‘Travelers’ Choice Awards).

The people behind the Boracay SunCruiser (from left): Mark Santiago, Nathaniel Imson, Freida Dario-Santiago, Angel See-Ley, Richie Ley and Kit Laureta

The Team

Richie N. Ley


Richie is a businessman, contractor and an entrepreneur by profession, and a passionate traveler and lover of life.

Nats G. Imson

Food & Beverage Consultant

Nats is a food & beverage consultant by profession, and a restaurateur & partner at Pub Twenty Eight, Felipe’s Filipino Grillery, and Amicos Kantina. He has been in the restaurant business for 21 years and is based in Quezon City. He loves “to eat, drink, and be merry” and believes that having a boat in Boracay Island is perfect for someone as passionate as he is about the beach and the nightlife – equally.


Kit B. Laureta

Naval Architect and Marine Engineer / Boat Builder

As the Naval Architect, Marine Engineer and Boat Builder, Kit is responsible for the Boracay SunCruiser’s maintenance and condition, to see to it that the boat is always in good shape, safe, and fit to sail. A licensed Scuba diver, he started his 8-year freelance career (which includes designing speed boats and yachts as well), as a contractor for hull cleaning, boat repairs and underwater surveying. He is a passionate diver, surfer and boat builder.

Mark G. Santiago

Managing Partner

Mark has been in the entertainment, events and restaurant business for over 20 years, with a DJ career that also began 20 years ago. He retired from professional DJing when he moved to Boracay Island in 2007 to be with his then girlfriend and now his wife of three years. He left his career managing the family-owned Melo’s Restaurant chain to pursue the “American dream” but fate had other plans and he found himself living the “Island dream” instead. Having managed his own bistro and various restaurant bars on the island, he has devoted the last five years as Quality Control, Entertainment, PR, Marketing & Events Consultant for Epic Boracay. As Boracay SunCruiser’s Managing Partner for Operations, he is committed to creating unique and unforgettable experiences and indelible memories for each passenger, while upholding the highest stringent standards of safety, and customer service excellence. He is passionate about food, and to giving people a great time.

Freida Dario-Santiago

Brand Marketing & PR Consultant

Freida left a successful career as managing editor at ABS-CBN Publishing, Inc.’s Metro Magazine and moved to Boracay in 2003 to immerse in the tropical subculture that allows her to live her passion as a free-spirited lifestyle weaver. A veteran travel and lifestyle journalist, seasoned writer, book editor and author, brand marketing specialist and publicist with over 20 years in the publishing & communications business, former editor-in-chief of a Boracay monthly newspaper, and author/editor of “The Complete Guide to Boracay Island”, the longtime Boracay Island resident is devoted to sharing the island lifestyle, and to spreading the good word about the incredible Boracay SunCruiser experience, and the substance and value behind the brand, with credibility, gravitas, authenticity and utmost sincerity.